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What A First Time Client Can Expect:

Before the Massage:

Before your first appointment, please do one of the two:

1.) Fill out/email me a copy of the downloadable versions of the intake form.

2.) Let me know to bring a printed copy for you to fill out while I prepare for your session.

Please remember to drink plenty of water before coming to your massage appointment, if your muscles are hydrated they respond much better during treatment.

Before the massage begins, we will go through an intake process to ensure I am aware of any underlying conditions or medications that may effect the session. We will also perform any postural analysis and go over different activities you partake in on a regular basis to help get a better understanding of what muscles are being used frequently.  

I will allow time for you to tell me anything you feel may benefit your treatment plan/session. I will also answer any further questions you have at that time. From there, we will formulate and agree upon a customized treatment for you. 

During the Massage

You may choose to disrobe completely, leave undergarments on or stay dressed. You will be covered with a sheet (and blanket if you like). The only part of the body that will be exposed during the session is the area being worked on at that time.


I will ask for feedback regarding pressure and comfort. You are encouraged to communicate your needs at all times. Except for communication relevant to your bodywork, I will remain quiet. This allows you to fully relax and increase your body awareness.

After the Massage 

It is important to drink water after your massage to help your body flush the toxins that have been released from your muscles.


Also if possible, it’s recommended to rest after your massage. This will give your body time to let the changes sink in and give you the maximum benefit. 

It is recommended to schedule your next appointment at the end of your session to secure the time slot that works best for you, also to assist in staying committed to your self care routine.

I look forward to meeting you! Please contact me if you have any other questions.

Water Bottle
Filling Out a Medical Form
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